Cyndie Klein

Owner: Love Your Core Pilates & More, Certified Master Pilates Instructor

Cyndie's been married for 29 years to her husband Pierre and they have a total of five children. She grew up here in Southern California dancing in her aunts ballet studio which is where her love of dance and movement developed.

In the year 2000, at 36 and after having her first baby, she took a Pilates session and instantly became addicted. In 2001 she trained with Marie Jose' Bloom at Long Beach Dance and Conditioning and after teaching Pilates for 4 years, Cyndie opened her first studio in 2006 with her vision of bringing affordable Reformer Pilates to as many people as she could. She opened her studio with 8 reformers and was one of the first studios here in the South Bay to offer Reformer classes. After her youngest daughters diagnosis of childhood Leukemia, Cyndie sold her Pilates studio but continued on as a teacher.

She is so excited to co-own Love Your Core Pilates & More with her business partner Patty Goeppner and to be working along side all the truly talented instructors here at LYC.

What Cyndie loves most about Pilates is her belief that absolutely anyone can do Pilates, no matter what their age or ailments, movement through Pilates is possible for everyone!

Patty Goeppner

Owner: Love Your Core Pilates & More,

Certified Pilates Instructor

Patty was born and raised in the South Bay and has been married to her husband Jonathan for 20 years. They have 4 children, all living in Southern California. Patty transitioned from a 25 year career in financial planning to Pilates at the suggestion of her close friend, and now business partner, Cyndie Klein. With personal one on one training from Cyndie, a Master Pilates Instructor, and in combination with a formal teacher training program, Patty became Certified as a Pilates Instructor in early 2017. Prior to Pilates, Patty was a formally trained ballet dancer for over 8 years. She has been attracted to fitness for most of her life and due to an early diagnosis of scoliosis and hyper-mobility, staying fit has been critical to being pain free. 

With the help and support from the highly experienced teachers at Love Your Core and the strong team behind them, Patty and her co-owner Cyndie Klein, took the leap and decided to purchase Love Your Core Pilates & More in May 2019.

Patty is a true believer that exercise and fitness is the path to a sound body and the practice of Pilates is the path to complete coordination of body, mind and spirit, no matter how young or old.

Jailyn Matthews

Certified Pilates Instructor

As a native Californian and athlete turned professional model, health and fitness has been a huge part of Jailyn's life. She developed a love of step aerobics while attending college in San Diego and quickly became an ACE certified group fitness instructor. Years later, she added an ACE Nutrition Coach certification. A friend of hers was working for BASI and though Jailyn knew nothing about pilates, she decided to sign up for a training course. In doing so, she realized that her chronic low back pain ceased to exist. Jailyn has been teaching private sessions and classes for the last 13 years around the South Bay and Santa Monica. She believes Pilates is a necessary part of maintaining a strong supple body, emphasizing form and technique so that muscles are recruited properly to do their intended job. Jailyn is certified in TRX and pre/post natal fitness. She is also an EMT, teaching emergency medical skills at El Camino College. 

Marykay Stimpfl

Certified Pilates Instructor,

ACE Personal Fitness Trainer

MaryKay has lived in Southern California her entire life. She is married to Paul and they have 2 sons. MaryKay enjoys a very active life which includes hiking in the Sierras with her family; running at the beach and doing Pilates. She is NSCA certified, Spin certified and received her Pilates certification in 2015. She runs a weekly outdoor cross training class and integrates Pilates into this training. Her belief is that Pilates enables an active life while minimizing injury through strength and conditioning to develop a more balanced body. Teaching Pilates has been a way to share her fitness enthusiasm with her clients

Rhonda Rafijah

RN,Certified Pilates Instructor

Rhonda is a registered nurse and a native of the Southbay. While working in orthopedics she saw a multitude of musculoskeletal injuries. So when given the opportunity to start teaching Pilates in 2014, She found it an easy transition. Her focus is on whole body wellness which includes nutrition, balance, strength and flexibility. 
Rhonda teaches private, semi private and group classes. Specializing in reformer, chair, rebounder and barre. In keeping with her wellness vision, in her free time she teaches CPR and is an independent consultant with Juice+ and Arbonne international.

Terri Handlen

ACE Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Pilates Instructor, Certified Spinning Instructor

Terri has been teaching/coaching individuals and small groups for the past 10 years after shifting her career focus from the non-profit world and education to the health and wellness industry. Being fortunate enough to live and work in the South Bay for the past 20 years, she takes advantage of the sunny warm climate and the great outdoors to work with her clients to reach their specific goals. As an athlete, trainer and teacher she understands just how important the mind-body connection is to the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Always striving to learn more through continuing education, she brings her experience in education and her enthusiasm for health and wellness to her clients & class participants, using foundations and techniques learned to improve functional training, as well as to assist in achieving their specific health and fitness goals.




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